5 Hacks that will transform your Hairstyle for good


Most of us find it difficult to wake up early in the morning and get perfectly ready for our office. The most difficult and time-consuming of these chores is styling of interlocked hair. The following article will help you find the most suitable hack that will transform your hairstyle for good.

  1. Be a style quotient by making a little side braid

Your colleagues and friends might be bored up by seeing you in the same standard ponytail. It’s time that you make your own style statement by making that little side braid. This will not only change your look, but also boost your confidence whilst at work.

  1. Beach waves

If you are one of those women, expert at multitasking, beach waves will be a perfect styling for your hair. All you need to have is a little mouse for creating those waves. Fix the mouse into your hair just after a head bath and leave them to dry. Meanwhile you can prepare lunch for your kids or enjoy a cup of coffee. You can remove the mouse just before leaving for work and give a perfect wavy look to your hair.

  1. Shading and highlighting your hair

If you never want to have a bad hair day and you are lazy enough to style your hair every morning, shading and highlighting your hair is the best among all available options. Choose a perfect color and shade for your hair. You can also take suggestions from some good hair stylist and get coloring done from an expert. This will not only make you look good always but will also save lots of time that you otherwise spend in styling your hair.

  1. Give volume to your hair by making two ponytails

This one is for pretty girls having thin hair and they are often confused about their styling. You can make your hair look longer and heavier by making two ponytails instead of the usual one. Pull the upper half of your hair gently and make a ponytail out of it. Then, heave the remaining lower hair and make another ponytail just beneath the upper one. The upper ponytail will hide the lower one and make it look like one high ponytail, thus giving your hair a heavy look. This style will also reduce interlocking of your hair during the day.

  1. Hair curling

Many women don’t have perfectly straight hair, which can be left open when they are out for a party. For such kind of hair, curling is one of the best ways to make you look gorgeous for that evening. Use a curling iron to create long-lasting waves in your hair. There are many gels available in the market. Using these gels, increases the longevity of your hair curls. Also follow the right procedure for curling your hair. While curling, begin from and middle, gradually moving towards both the ends one by one. These will also add-on to the time, for which your hair look perfectly curled.

Though there are many ways of adding style to your hair, one which suits your friend might not be the perfect one for you. So choose the style that best suits your hair and stay beautiful always.