Top 10 Secrets For That Glowing Hair!


Every smart girl dreams of stopping traffic when strutting down the street with long, bouncy, voluminous, glowing locks. It is incredibly amazing when everybody turns their heads looking at your hair with so many unanswered questions. For instance what are her secrets? What products does she use? I want to have such hair. Bad hair days? Never. With shiny, glowing, beautiful you ooze vitality, youthfulness and health.

Most individuals tend to wreak havoc on their hair by habitual non advisable behaviors such as blowouts and bleaching. Unfortunately with time, the hair loses that glow and shine that everyone dreams of. Likewise, as we age, the hair loses elasticity, thins and also dull up. Natural changes such as hormonal changes, loss of cellular reproduction, blood flow and even diet affect the health of our hair. Reality is, we all want to be forever young and have that ultra-shiny look. Below are top 10 secrets for that glowing hair, put them into use and say bye-bye to hair breakage, flyaway strands and welcome that glow and shine.

1. Healthy and nutritious diet
As they say “garbage in garbage out”. This can be analogous to good diet and healthy hair. Incorporate a lot of fruits and vegetables in your diet to get the daily allowance of vitamin A and E for that healthy shiny hair. Proteins are also a major component in hair growth. Eggs, nuts and Greek yogurt are excellent sources for that.

2. Protect your hair
Avoid exposing your hair to harsh chemicals, pollution, dirt, excessive heat , sun, heat and rain. Reduce exposure of hair to chemicals such as chlorine in pools and lye-based hair styling chemicals. Do not frequently use heat-styling and also avoid hair products with alcohol for they easily dry hair and strip it off the shine.

4. Make use of hair serum
Sine serums have been designed to give the frizzy dry hair the shine that you need. They moisture the hair with a light concentration of silicon and hair. Apply it by starting from the bottom going upwards into the wet hair. Do not use a lot of the hair serum but if you feel the need of more moisture feel free to use it for the ultimate sleek sheen.

5. Make use of the leave-in conditioners
Regularly conditioning your hair is very important. If one misses this step after washing is what makes the hair frizzy. For that beautiful shine, use a leave-in shampoo. It comes in either lotion or sprays. Ensure you condition the hair very well starting from 2 inches from the scalp going upwards. It is not meant for the scalp.

6. Use cool water when washing your hair
Hot water is totally inadvisable for it dries hair and leaves it dull. In other words, it takes away the shine from your hair. Use cool water after shampooing and conditioning to rinse the hair. It not only closes cuticles but also allows light to reflect in the hair producing that shine that you want.

7. Use smart blow drying techniques
Hold each section of your hair with a round brush then direct the dryer’s nozzle down the hair shafts. After finishing blow drying the hair, press the cool button so that the cool air can produce a reflective effect such as the one produce by cold water. Avoid too much heat for it can burn your hair. Only use iron/curl and hair strengtheners only if necessary and use the hair protectant before.

8. Make use of sprays for the ultimate shine
For that extra glistening effect, mist a shine spray on the dry hair. Regardless of the texture, a spray-on-shine product is just perfect to finish up your styling with a glow.

9. Hydration
Drink a lot of water to ensure that your hair is well moisturized .It’s recommended that one drinks 8 glasses of water per day. Try as much as you can to ensure you achieve that and healthy hair won’t escape you.

10. Go for a glossing treatment
For that extra shine on, consider professional glossing treatment. It’s mainly designed to give your hair a richer color and more depth. It’s usually a temporary procedure that can last for about 6 shampoos. The glossing kits are found in drug stores so one can easily purchase one for DIY.

Getting that glowing hair that we often see the celebrities with can easily be achieved by exercising good hair habits. It starts from the simple things that we do from choosing the right pillow covers to investing in the right hair products. It’s very possible to have that healthy long hair by trying out some of the secrets above. Whether you are on a tight budget or not, glowing shiny hair can be achieved without necessarily taking a trip to the salon.